When I said I do….

I really want to put together a post about the Diabolical Double and how intense it was, but I also want this blog to reflect what is foremost in my heart, and foremost in my heart right now is Ryan.

Ryan bandages me when I’m hurt.

He builds me up when I’m feeling down.

He breaks wind for me…….on the bike when I’m tired.

He believes in me when I’m doubting…and here’s the best part…he REALLY believes.  It’s not just words.

I was just feeling incredibly lucky today thinking about him and I started humming our wedding song out of the complete blue.  It’s not a song that get’s a lot of radio play (or any radio play), but I remembered it from when I was riding the school bus in the boonies of PA.  I remembered thinking it was so beautiful, so when Ryan and I were looking for “our song” I suggested it.  Now, Ryan is not a country music guy, “BUT”, I told him, ” just listen to the words”.   He did, and he agreed.  This song (click here) says everything I felt about him and everything I feel about him still. 

I think so many relationship issues could be solved by simply listening to “your song” on a daily basis and remembering why you picked it and how you felt.  It’s just a simple thing.  Go back to the basics and remember what you loved most about your loved one from the beginning.  It’s so easy to let life’s stresses and distractions cause you to forget.  It’s worth taking the time to remember.  I’m not preaching, but more typing to remind myself.

Ryan, I love you, and I can wait to “find out what forever means”.


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