The MAF test.

Named for its founder, Phil Maffetone, this “test” allows you to measure your aerobic development over time.  The idea is to run the same course throughout your training to measure how your speed is progressing at the same heart aerobic heart rate (180-your age in bpm).

During the first week of my 8 week strict aerobic base I decided to use the track for my MAF test.  Basically, each week I ran for an hour on the track while trying to keep my heart rate at 144bpm (180-my age).  Here are the results for my 8 week base period.


Paces still way off what I would have called my “easy” pace prior to starting this low heart rate training, but moving in the right direction. For keeping my heart rate low, I am pleased with this progress.  I basically gained a mile over the same time.  This is also without speed work, without physical stress and without injury.  It’s only the base of my training.  So, I’m feeling good and ready for the next stage of training.

This week started a 2 week intensity/race training block.  The hub of that is tomorrows Seneca Creek Trail 50k.  I’m basically using this as a catered training run for some longer races I have coming down the road.  It does, however, carry some meaning.  The only other 50k I’ve done I went off course, got lost and DQed.

Tune in tomorrow.  Will  our heroine successfully finish her 1st 50K even though she’s woefully under-trained?  Will she get lost in the woods and be found curled up under a tree in the fetal position?  Will she decide to spend the morning at a bar instead of going to the race and just show up at home later in the afternoon telling Ryan how tired I am from running all day?  Tune in to find out!




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