I could get used to this.

We’re in Deep Creek, MD this week for the Diabolical Double/IM Lake Placid training camp.  We got in yesterday.  What a beautiful place!  I’ve never been here before. 

After getting into our house(which is beautiful), unpacking and greeting Ernie, we all headed down for a swim at Deep Creek state park.  The seas were angry, that is for sure.  There were actually white caps, but, still, it’s so nice to have the opportunity to swim in the open water.  Ryan and Ernie were done and were on shore when I swam up to the beach.  They were talking to a guy who had apparently done both the Diabolical Double and Savageman several times.  He said that this was the choppiest he had ever seen the water.  Apparently, it’s usually pretty tranquil.  I didn’t mind.  It was just nice to be out there, and I was pleased that my leg didn’t really bother me at all.  Actually, the chop didn’t bother me because it was my super hero alter ego, Pussy Willow who got into the water.  She had things under control.

Pussy Willow getting ready for a swim

Ernie and Ryan drove the ~10 miles back while I rode my bike back.  The last mile is the last mile of the Diabolical Double course.  Our house is right at the start/finish of it.  It’s basically 600 feet of climbing in .6 mile.  It’s the circled part of the chart below.  That climb took me about 6 minutes.  Note to self: turn off my autopause for the ride tomorrow because it’s possible that I will be going 0mph for much of it.  What was especially eye opening was seeing how the last hill compares to some of the other monsters on the course.  It’s going to be a long day for sure.  The ride last year, took one on our super cyclist friends just under 9 hours to do!  I fully anticipate this thing taking me 12 hours to do.  I have a 2.5 hour ride on my schedule for today.  I’m going to conveniently forget to do it.  I figure I’ll more than make up the time tomorrow.

We finished up the night at the local watering hole, Black Bear bar.  Right near the bar there is a park with go carts.  As Ryan pointed out, a Gran Fondo Grand Prix might be in order on Sunday  All in all, a great, great day!

….BUT today is on track to beat yesterday for awesomeness.  We started off the morning with another great swim.  Apparently, where we swim is also a good place to fish, this concerns me on a number of levels, but I was thrilled to make it through without A.) becoming fish bait and B.) getting hooked.  Success can be measured in so many ways.  Again, the chop was rough, but I’ve grown to LOVE LOVE LOVE open water swimming. 

After arriving back to the house, it was a cup of coffee and the hot tub for me.  Just freaking awesome.  I could totally get used to this!

Right now it’s just Ryan, Ernie and I.  Amy and Ken arrive today as do a bunch of other folks who aren’t staying here, but will likely stop by for a drink or a cook out.  This is such a great place to come during the summer.  This might have to be the start of an annual tradition!

Look guys! This hot tub has a floating chemical dispenser!!! FeXY so needs to invest in one of these.Our HouseOur House

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