Weeks 14-17 (2/21 thru 3/13)

Alright.  I just need to knock this out.  I can’t keep up with the kid now and I don’t even have it yet.  Yikes.


14 weeks- (feb 14-feb 21)

On the heels of the Feb 19th George Washington Birthday Marathon relay, I was pretty content with my decision to not run the Boston Marathon.  I made it my goal to keep my long run at 10 miles for as long as I possibly could. 

Nausea has gone away (although, I never really had a lot), but I’m still sleeping like total crap.  Awake almost every night from 2-4am.  Suckage. 

I am BEYOND excited for the next few weeks because starting at 16 weeks, there’s a possibility of starting to feel the baby MOVE!  Yay!  I can’t wait.

feb 21: Work was CRAZY this week and I spent a lot of time in the office. Someone was not very fond of this idea. I had just gotten home, changed and took these pictures. Roo Roo was still getting her Mom fix.



15 weeks (feb 22-28)

I took the pressures of running a certain distance and keeping to a set workout schedule off my shoulders.  Instead, I ran to enjoy the weather and to feel good.  I NEVER allow myself to do this.  I was really a nice change.  It allowed me some experiences I have never had. 

For starters, Roo Roo and I have been on a few runs where we just worked on her running leash training.  I’ve never done this in the past because I was too worried about hitting my paces.  If she stopped to sniff or poop or lunge after a squirrel, it always annoyed me because I might be 5 seconds too slow for the mile.  These new runs with her, though, have been lovely.  She has always pulled ahead.  I started working with her and literally within 5 minutes she was running by my side like a good little girl.  I just never gave her the time or the chance before because I was so worried about getting my run in.  What a proud mom I’ve been this week!  We’re really enjoying our runs together.

Another fantastic thing is that I’ve found a new running buddy in my friend, Zoya.  It’s been so wonderful to just run for the enjoyment of running.  Zoya will do almost any pace with me.  I learned that Russian people cannot say no to pregnant ladies.  This is a valuable tidbit of information.  I will have to keep this in my back pocket.  Anyway, Zoya and I ran together for 10 miles on a gorgeously sunny, crisp morning on the C&O canal.  We talked.  We laughed.  We stopped to take pictures.  We even forgot to turn around when we were supposed to.  I can count on one hand the times that I’ve forgotten to turn around during a run because I was enjoying myself so much.  I definitely felt labored on this run.  While aerobically I was mostly fine, I just felt tired, like I wanted to lay down and take a nap during it.  I’m pretty sure I could have.  It would have been rude to make Zoya wait for me though.

Now that I’m not doing Boston, I still need a goal.  I can do 10 miles.  I’m already registered for the Reston 10 miler on March 4.  I also register for the Charlottesville 10 miler on March 31.  That will give me a nice solid running base through the end of March.  I’ll reassess then.  For now, I’m just enjoying doing whatever I feel like doing.  The running is slow.  My easy training pace is around 9:40s.  That’s about 1:10/mile slower than my easy pace was just 2 months ago.  Oh well.

I’m still sleeping like total crap, but, sadly, am getting pretty used to operating that way.  I’ve found that if I just turn off my 6am alarm, I can still wake up naturally at 7am and be fine.   Otherwise, there is really nothing I can complain about pregnancy-wise.  I’d actually feel a little better if I had ANY pregnancy symptoms because as it is, I’m having trouble believing it.  Other than feeling like a sausage in my clothes, I’m feeling fantastic.

16 weeks (feb 29-March 6)

Miracles happened this week!  Out of the complete blue, my running felt FANTASTIC!  I went out for an easy 5 mile run on Friday and it just felt effortless, like it used to.  I had trouble keeping it slow.  My body wanted to break into an interval for old-time sake.  The music on my ipod did not help.  While I’m pregnant and focusing on just keeping a solid, easy base, I need to take Nine Inch Nails and Korn off of my playlist.  These do not lead to easy runs.  It’s just not possible.  I did this run on the treadmill and while I still fit into my running clothes, I look like I have gone on a burrito binge for the last 2 weeks.  I find myself just wanting to tell the person next to me that I’m pregnant, not fat.  The fear of them thinking (or knowing) I’m crazy has kept me from doing this so far.  Although, I was in a body pump class this week when one of the regulars came up to me and said that I always look like the picture of fitness.  I said thank you and told her that it was nice to hear because I’m pregnant.  Phew.  Once less person thinks it’s just  burritos 🙂

A combination of feeling fantastic with the spring-like weather had me getting the urge to plan a tri season.  Obviously, this one is pretty much bagged, but I’ve started plotting and planning next years return from the ashes.  Ideally, I’d like to do something like a marathon or half marathon late season 2012 to get back into the swing of things.  Then it’s looking like a combination of 70.3s and Xterra for me.  I’ve got my eye on St. Croix 70.3 for 2013.  A little vacay/race return?  Sounds perfect now.  I’ll have a 9 month old.  Whoa.  That’s the goal for now, we’ll see what the future brings.

For now, I’ve got the Reston 10 miler this weekend.  Last year I did this race in 1:12:35 and placed 1st in my AG.  This year, I’m looking to finish with a smile on my face.  Ryan, who has been busy studying for his CFP exam, has informed me that he will have the time to come out and cheer, “Since it’s not like I’ll have to wait around for the awards ceremony.”

Nice.  The man does have a way with words.

As the weekend approached, the second miracle occurred.  Again, out of the clear blue sky, I started sleeping through the night.  It has been MONTHS since this happened with any type of consistency.  I’m  hoping it’s not a fluke and that it continues, but I’ll take what I can get for now.

The morning of the 10 miler I woke up having slept like a log.  Zoya and I started together, but then she was going to break off and do her half marathon pace.  When we started out, I was cold and my muscles were tight, but we just kept it easy around 9:30s.  After a few miles, I warmed up and like earlier in the week, I felt invincible on this run.  For the first time since I’ve been pregnant, I felt like “me” again.  Zoya and I talked and chatted the whole time, so my effort was fine, but my pace just magically increased from what it has been over the last few months.  At one time Zoya told me we were running under 8 min/miles!  While it was only for a fraction of a mile that that occurred, the run average time started dropping into the low 9s and then the high 8s.  Around mile 5, Zoya did a check in with me.  I told her I was feeling fantastic.  Seriously, I was.  The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and the miles came effortlessly.  I took one step and that all ended.  I don’t know what happened, but something instantaneously bad happened to my foot.  I knew immediately something was wrong and told Zoya to go ahead.  It was a pretty signficant sharp pain in my foot.  I hobbled for a bit and thought I was going to have to call Ryan for a ride.  After about a mile, though, the pain became tolerable again and I was able to push through.  Call it endorphins or whatever, but I was happy to be moving again.  I still finished in under 9 min miles, which I was just beyond thrilled about. 

Last year:   1:12:35 (must have lost the garmin file)

This year:  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/154867021

As soon as I crossed the finish line, my foot killed me.  I could barely walk on it.  I hobbled around for the rest of the day.  By late afternoon, I couldn’t even put weight on it.  I had to start using my crutches (which I, sadly, have ready to go at any given moment). 

Went to my go to sports injury guy, Aleck Wong, on M0nday and was told what I already had suspected.  It’s a likely metatarsal fracture of some kind and I need to take it easy.  This week it’s a walking boot and no running (duh) or biking.  I can swim my little heart out though.  While a bummer, I’m trying to think of it as a nice forced break from running and a return to total health.  I’ve still been dealing with some nagging aches and pains that surfaced last year.  I think this could be a blessing in disguise.  My goal had been to run (or shuffle) until the end of my pregnancy.  If I take care of this properly now, that can still happen. 

On the pregnancy front, I’m feeling a little superhuman- full of energy (until 3pm), strong, happy.  That makes this boot thing a little more difficult to deal with, but it could totally be worse.  Look out pool, here I come!

With my new fashion accessory.



17 weeks (March 7-March 13)

Swam like a little fish this week!  Total distance was 9,400m.  Ack!  I was aiming for 11K, but I just didn’t get to the pool the last day like I was hoping.  That’s what this week is for, I guess.  I guess the good news about being stuck in a boot while the early spring weather hits is that the indoor pool is much less crowded :/

Saturday was the FeXY trainer session finale.  I was bummed to have to miss it because I can’t ride this week.  I was going to the brunch that followed, though, and caught the last bit of the trainer session.  I would be completely lying if I said it didn’t make me a little sad.  For starters, I was sad to not be on my bike.  I love riding and felt like a bit of a loser just showing up for the food.  The other thing that surprised me is the reaction I had to seeing some of my friends starting to get into their “season shape”.  I love this time of year in the tri season.  You’re shedding some of your off-season weight and starting to begin to see your fitness hitting its stride again.  I, on the other hand, am expanding and losing fitness.  I know, obviously, it’s for a good cause and I am totally grateful and thrilled to be expecting.  It’s just a strange blend of emotions.  I feel like the triathlon bus is leaving and for the first time in a while, I’m not on it.  I’m just standing on the street, waving goodbye.  I don’t think it would be so bad if not for the addition of the foot injury.  If I could just be the badass pregnant lady rocking the trainer session, I think I’d feel fine.  Both together, though, is not fun.  As my mom says, “this, too, shall pass.”

My youngest brother, Bobby, came to visit me this weekend.  Bobby is 22 and does not have a background of fitness, but I asked him if he’d be interested in training for The Mother’s Day 4 miler in Reston and he said yes!  Three weeks ago, I started giving him daily workouts and he hasn’t missed once since!  I have been SO proud.  Truthfully, seeing his progress these last few weeks has helped me deal with my lack of fitness progress.  I can still look at paces and times, they’re just his and not mine.  What has been even more amazing is watching how his outlook has changed on life in general since he started running.  He says he has more energy, feels better about himself.  Imagine that!  Fitness can change your life!  Who knew?  So, he came to visit so we could go to Potomac River Running and get him fit for a pair of shoes.  They hooked him up.  It’s amazing what a great pair of running shoes can do for a person!  I can’t wait to see how much further he can progress in the next two months before the 4 miler!!  If you are on beginnertriathlete.com, you can look him up and cheer him on!  He’s RRD1019.

I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Wong on Monday.  I was really hoping he’d tell me that I didn’t have to wear the boot anymore and that I could ride again.  I had looked at the forecast for the week and was DYING to get outside and ride.  No such luck.  At least one more week in the boot and still no riding until next Monday, March 19th.  Sigh.  While disappointed, I totally appreciated his conservative approach.  This is the same guy that I went to for my foot  and subsequent ankle injuries in May and June 2011.  He knew how important racing at Lake Placid was too me and was aggressive with his course of action.  Who knows how differently things could have worked out if I had gone somewhere else?  As appreciative as I was for his aggressive treatment then, I am equally so now for his conservative stance.  There is no point in pushing it back.  For what?  I know the best thing to do now, is to let things heal.  As an athlete, though, it just sucks.  I want to enjoy the weather and outdoor rides for as long as I can.  Blessing in disguise, though, right?  So, for this week, it’s back to the pool again.  My goal is 12K.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never done that before.

On the pregnancy front, I’m still feeling superhuman.  Except, 3pm is still my kryptonite.  I shrivel into uselessness as the clock approaches the hour.   I’ve had an exciting development, though.  16 weeks is the time in which they say you could experience movement of the baby for the first time.  I was so anxious as 16 weeks approached, but then it came and went.  Most first time mom’s don’t experience movement til closer to 20 weeks.  Last week, though, I noticed some “squirming” sensations, but they were so fleeting and minute that I couldn’t be sure.  On Monday, though, around early afternoon I was sitting at my desk and definitely noticed stronger sensations than I have had before.  I told Ryan that I though for sure that his baby was awake.  Yesterday at around 2pm it happened again.  Definite, noticeable movement.  Keiki is a mid-afternoon kind of kid.  I haven’t really noticed it at any other time, just then.  I will be so excited when it’s stronger and obvious.  For now, it’s definite, but lighter.  Ryan, I know, will be ecstatic when it’s strong enough for him to feel.  Should be an exciting few weeks. 

I am still sleeping like a freaking champ, which is beyond exciting.  After so many months of not sleeping, I am so grateful have this now. 

My weight is pretty good.  I weighed in at IM Hawaii at 115lbs.  I suspect that prior to fueling up that day, I was probably closer to 112lb.  I hit Thanksgiving (not pregnant) around 117-118lbs, which is what I was targeting in the off-season.  This morning I weighed in at 124.6.  That’s about 7.6 lbs of pregnancy weight, I’m assuming, for 17 weeks.  I’ve read that for women with a BMI of less than 18 that total weight gain should be about 28-40lbs.  I’m really hoping to keep to the lower side of that range, but it will be what it will be, I guess.  I’d like to aim for under 150lbs.  In order to keep myself from eating for a litter, I started using a calorie app called, My Fitness Pal.  It has been an amazing tool to a.) make sure I’m not gorging and b.) make sure I’m getting enough and the right kind of calories for the workouts I’m doing.  It’s so easy to just throw up your hands and say “forget it, I’m eating what I want”.  But, I’d really like to not pay for that after this process.  It’s been a good accountability partner.

It’s funny, I’ve noticed to the touch, my belly has grown in the last week, but, still the pictures don’t look any different.  At least to me they don’t.  I’m in no rush.  Things will happen when they happen.  For now, I’ll just look forward to my mid afternoon (hopefully) daily appointment with Keiki 🙂

So, this week, again, my goal is to swim 12K and to do my little pregnant woman exercises (a short program I got from the bump.com) every day.  I’m also REALLY excited that this Friday and Saturday is the exam that Ryan has been studying so hard for.  It’s been 5 months of studying.  He has been so disciplined.  I’ve been very proud.  I will be so grateful to have him back and engaged in the normal day-to-day things.  I’ve missed him.

Mar 13- 17 weeks


5 thoughts on “Weeks 14-17 (2/21 thru 3/13)

  1. Alice S

    I am so happy for you and Ryan:-) You are starting to enter the most fun part of pregnancy feeling fluttering is not unusual and fun at this stage I loved feeling my kids move and finally people seeing me pregnant and not like I was gaining weight. It is so cool when you can catch feet and see their butt turning. Your mom is great and right you will be back kind of like Kara Goucher no doubt. I will race for you and Keiki this year:-))) I can’t wait til I see you it was great seeing Ryan last week.

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