13 Weeks (Feb 14th)

Whoa, I blinked and I’m behind.  It’s crazy.  On one hand each week is DRAGGING by.  On the other, I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I blogged.  I’m going to tackle this one week at a time so these aren’t epic posts.

So, when I last wrote I was still debating whether or not I would continue with my training for the Boston marathon.  It had been weeks of constant mind changing on the subject.  I was on track with my long runs, but I just wasn’t enjoying it at all.  I also didn’t want to quit if I were capable of it.  I had noticed, though, that in addition to not feeling like it, my runs were getting harder and harder.  My new slower pace of 10 min miles is a LOT harder on the joints than my usual long run pace.  While I was feeling aerobically in control during the runs, my ankles and knees were KILLING me.  I was scheduled to run almost 10 miles as a part of a relay team at the George Washington Birthday marathon on Feb 19th.  I had decided that that day would be my decision point.  It would either tell me that I felt fine and could continue on OR I would get confirmation that a marathon was just too much.  I am happy to say that I did, in fact, get confirmation and have decided with 100% certainty that I will NOT be running Boston.  Someone who knows how competitive I am said to me that it must have been a hard decision.  It totally wasn’t.  My body gave me clear signs that the marathon was not the right choice for me.  I am grateful for those signs and have no problems listening to them.  I really and truly believe that the answer to any problem can be found by listening to your gut.  My gut was talking to me loud and clear in more ways than one on this one.

While the distance I covered that day felt totally fine, I was ready to be done.  I felt tired.  I was achy….and I REALLY had to pee.  I’m also not going to lie.  I really don’t think I could run any longer than 10 miles with how badly my boobs hurt. It’s been one of the craziest pregnancy changes.  Going longer just ain’t happening.  It was a lovely day, though, I was able to run with Zoya and Shelly, two women on my tri team, which was such a welcome surprise.  Well, we were also running with Drew, but at mile 5 he decided he had had enough of girl talk and busted out of there 😉  Up until that point, he was actually super supportive.  When we had to run down a hill I told him I was sorry, but I HAD to hold my boobs to keep them from jostling all over the place.  They hurt so bad I can’t even describe it.  He simultaneously held his own in support.  That’s a pal.

 I had totally anticipated having to slog through the miles by myself.  I was so grateful for the fabulous company.  I had two fabulous teammates in MK and Sara.  It really is such a great early season team event.  I really hope to do it again next year.  Faster.

from left: Drew, Shelly, Zoya, me. I look like a dwarf here. Tom (the photog), promised it was a bad camera angle.

What a difference a year makes!

Garmin file from this year:


…and last year


I’m definitely in for next year!  Who wants to relay?!

On the pregnancy front, I found myself, out of the blue, returning to my old energy level.  I am totally appreciative for this.  I can’t really complain much at all about pregnancy symptoms in my first trimester, but the lethargy and fatigue were astounding.  I’m happy to be feeling somewhat normal again.

Clothes are definitely snug, but I’ve also been eating like crap.  Looking to get that back on track. 

Big happenings!  Ryan and I purchased our first baby clothes 🙂 🙂  We were strolling around the mall and I meandered into The Children’s Place.  They had a $2.99 rack of holiday baby clothes.  We kept throwing things into the basket.  Lot’s of cute Christmas and Halloween things.  That was SO exciting!  I can’t believe that by the Holidays I will be a MOM!  A MOM!  I am just so unbelievably, indescribably happy and excited.  I’m at the point where I don’t feel pregnant at all, so to see and hold baby clothes actually makes it feel more real.

Still, my dad has not called berating me for my tattoo. So far, so good. We have decided on our nursery theme, though.....TURTLES! I thought it was appropriate 🙂

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