Ironman 2030 Training Partner

In July 2010 Ryan and I went to Lake Placid, NY to spectate the Ironman, cheer for friends and get some good training in for our first Ironman in Louisville the next month.  Ryan and I had no intention of racing another Ironman in 2011.  We actually had told our coach that after Louisville we would try to start our family.

Something spoke to me in Lake Placid, though.  Once there, I just immediately knew I needed to race in 2011.  I needed to race in Lake Placid.  Ryan and I talked about it and immediately agreed.  The plan was altered and we decided to register for IM Lake Placid 2011.  We both knew we wanted a family, but I felt I very powerful urge to give myself one more year racing before we had kids.

Before we even left Lake Placid that first year, I was talking to my friend Kim and I shared with him my new plan.

“Kim, I’m going to race Lake Placid next year, qualfiy for Kona, come home, get pregnant after Hawaii and, if it’s a girl, name her Kona Rose.” 

I knew it with 100% certainty then.  I believed it was my destiny.

You might know how some of the story went after that.  I did race at Lake Placid in 2011.  By some miracle (and I DO truly believe it was a miracle) I made it to Kona and I had the race of my dreams. 

What you don’t know, though, is two days after the race we were putzing around the Big Island exploring.  We were tired and I really wanted a cup of coffee.  Something just drew me to this small market.  I went to the coffee dispenser and saw this…..

I sat there and stared at the thing like I was dumb.  I swear the woman working at the counter must have thought there was something wrong me.  I just couldn’t believe it.  I believe it was a sign.  A sign that I should continue to have faith in my plan.

Well, if that weren’t sign enough, we got a more solid one today.  Well, it wasn’t so much a sign, as it was evidence.  Evidence that we continue to live a cosmically blessed life. 

Ryan and I are honored and grateful to introduce you to Keiki.  It’s Hawaiian for “baby” and is our little ones in utero name.  We couldn’t think of anything more perfect.

We had our 12 week ultrasound today.  I am actually 12 weeks officially tomorrow (2/7).  The ultrasound was everything I was hoping for and then more.  Keiki was lying very still, not moving a muscle.  That made it really easy for the doctor to count all the parts (10 fingers and toes!), check the brain and other development as well as look for markers that could indicate a problem.  Once all the checking was done Keiki proceeded to WIG OUT!  All of a sudden (s)he started squirming all over the place, kicking legs  flailing arms, arching it’s back and throwing it’s head around.  Seriously, it was a show!  I just sat there stunned.  It’s one thing to know it’s moving.  It’s another thing entirely to SEE it for the first time.  Ryan and I sat there with our mouths hanging open.  Really, it was just the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  After the show, we got even better news.  The doc told us everything looks perfect.  I was already feeling this to be true in my gut, but it was amazing to get confirmation.

The ultrasound tech also got the most hilarious picture of Keiki “flexing”.  Sure, it could be sleeping at this point, but Ryan and I both believe that it is just already taking after it’s mommy.  Seriously, can you see the remblance? 🙂

I have been so amazed by the process of pregnancy.  It has certain had it’s ups and downs, but the ups  have been the most awe-inspiring things I could have imagined.  From seeing the little blob in our 8 week ultrasound, to hearing it’s heartbeat last week, to our ultrasound today.  It’s all been a blessing.  You know, babies are a dime a dozen.  Look around, there are people everywhere.  There’s no shortage of them.  Pregnancy, though, is the most commonplace yet miraculous thing in the world. 

I hope and believe that everything will continue to be fine and healthy with Keiki.  I am so excited to share the news.  These weeks have passed by so slowly.  I know my original vision called for the possibility of a daughter named Kona Rose, but I have to admit, I have strong suspicions that Keiki is a boy.  It’s just the feeling I have been getting.  Either way, here’s to hoping I have myself a new little training partner for Ironman Kona 2030.

As one more side note, in my last blog (it’s been a while) I admitted being ridiculously nervous about my first ever cyclocross race.  I was really proud that I rallied and even placed second in the novice womens division.  After the fact, I found out that Keiki was already on board.  (S)he’s already been on their first podium 🙂  This kid is destined for great things.


4 thoughts on “Ironman 2030 Training Partner

  1. Jaclyn

    Lisa, this post is the cutest, sweetest thing ever!! I’m so happy for you. I feel the same way that you do, that pregnancy is a miracle and a gift. This is just the beginning of the awesome feelings and experiences you will have in your future being an awesome Mom. So happy for you guys!! And, yes that kid is destined for greatness having parents like you and Ryan! 🙂

  2. Melissa

    Lisa, that is such a cool story! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more posts about Keiki. You will find that your initial feeling of pregnancy being a miraculous thing just keeps on going…. The best part is when the baby moves so much it is like an alien trying to give you a high five. It definitely freaks the husbands out.

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