Triathlon: the bird flu of sport.

Have you noticed how contagious triathlon is?  Seriously, it’s the like bird flu of sport.  Doing a triathlon had never even crossed my mind until I had heard a few colleagues talk about doing them.  When one of those colleagues signed up for an Ironman I though she was crazy, but I was intrigued (thanks, Cortina).

How did you first become interested in the sport?  My guess is that for most people, its by being motivated and inspired by someone you know who has given it a “tri”.

Triathlon has taught me so many things about myself.  It’s helped reframe what I believe I am capable of.  It’s changed the way I view challenges in general, not just physical ones.  When you realize you have the mental fortitude to get through an Ironman in 100 degree heat, pushing through a work deadline seems a little mundane.

There are a lot of joke videos out there about how much triathletes love to talk about triathlon and their training constantly.  I can be as guilty of this as the next person.  There could be worse things, though, than being passionate about fitness and health.  If for every person who can’t stand your chatter about tri, there is one person that you inspire or motivate, then I say that’s well worth it.

My mom got this email from a colleague of hers yesterday.  This is a person whom I have never met.  I, apparently, have inspired him and he in turn, made my day with this words.

Actually,  Your daughter has inspired me to take on my own little excursion into mini triathlons. I have been going to the YMCA in Lebanon and practicing my swimming. I swim a mile per day. My swim time is down to 20 minutes for a mile. Not bad considering my time was 30 minutes for a mile when I started practicing. The bike ride is a good 3.4 miles there and 3.4 coming back. I have ran and swam, biked and swam, swam and biked but I have yet to do it all at the same time. But that test is coming this weekend because the triathlon I am registering for is in October. I know I can complete it, it’s just a matter of how long it will take. The mini triathlon I am going to do is not that long, so I am not too worried about it.

Distance: 0.6 mile Lake Swim / 13.5 mile Road Bike / 3.2 mile Road Run Location: Blue Marsh Lake  Leesport, PA (9 miles from City of Reading)  Race Start Time: 8:30 am                       

 I’ll keep you posted!

BTW, tell your daughter I said thanks for the inspiration and best of luck to her. 

Thank you

Who are YOU going to inspire today?  You might not even know it at the time, but I promise you, there is someone.  Push yourself out the door for today’s workout.  You’ll be  helping more than just yourself.



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