The wall: teaser.

Perhaps the most overused word in all of triathlon is “EPIC”.  “Epic”, however, doesn’t even begin to describe what i witnessed today.  Triathlon is such a huge challenge to being with.  A regular half iron distance is something that a ridiculously small percentage of the population will ever do.  A half iron distance on the terrain that Garrett County, Maryland holds is just foolishness.

Ryan took on and conquered the Savageman 70.0 today.  I watched as he made the Westernport Wall his minion.  I am so impressed and so inspired.

More details later on in the week.  It’s been a long, long day. 

I’m trying to figure out how to get the video off my camera.  Hopefully that will be done tomorrow.

….and great news!  I’ve asked Ryan to be my special guest blogger, so his race report will be coming soon.  🙂

Night all!


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